Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Quack Quack or Going Quackers

Okay I know the title is kind of a lame attempt at quacking a joke (oops I did it again).  I do, however, have a reason.  After mostly recovering from a painful sinus infection I felt well enough last night to finish my most recent square called "Duck and Ducklings".

As I stated in my last post I did make some measuring mistakes and Vivian helped me to figure out how to correct them.  I think I did an okay job at making the last of the corrections on my own because I am very happy with the way the square came out. Now I am on a mission to find an art supply store that can sell me a proportional scale.  Next time I need to convert instuctions for a 9" block to a 12" block I will get it right!

Take a look...

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