Monday, September 28, 2009

More than paint

There are so many ways in this world to be creative.  I love seeing different ways that people express themselves though painting, drawing, dance, music, theatre, writing and even television.

While I have mostly focused on paiting, I am expanding my horizons.  My lovely wife Kim encouraged me to take a quilting class with her.  We are about halfway through the lessons.  I find the combination of precision and math (for cutting and measuring) with the creativity of choosing and laying out your fabrics to be truly exciting. Our instructor, Vivian of Homestead Quilts in Bethel Connecticut, is not only a great lady she is a real hoot to be around.

Here are my first squares.  Some of them put together better than others.  I am fairly confident that all 9 that I am doing will come together well in the end.

#1 Gentleman's Fancy

# 2 Pinwheel

# 3 Ohio Star

#4 Yankee Puzzle

Check back for more squares and to see the final quilt!

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